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Sacramento Conservatorship Lawyers

Conservators are afforded the legal authority to make decisions on a behalf of an incapacitated person, who is often a family member. Court-appointed conservators have statutory duties imposed upon them when they take on the responsibility for a person, the estate or both.

Guardians are appointed by the court to make decisions on behalf of a minor, also known as the "ward." As with conservatorships, someone may be appointed as a guardian of the person, the estate or both.

Jacquie Gevelinger of Carlson & Gevelinger represents California residents pursuing or disputing the appointment of a conservator or guardian.
A California Lawyer Looking Out For The Best Interests Of Her Clients

Appointment of a conservator can be challenging and contentious. If a suitable candidate is not available, our clients may petition for appointment of a private fiduciary to serve as conservator. However, if a family member is suitable, we begin the proceedings on his or her behalf.

Guardianships for children require an in-depth background check for anything that could cause harm to the child, such as drug use or a history of violence. Guardians have custody of the child and the authority to manage their estate. Everything they do must be in the best interests of the child.
Disputes That Arise In Guardianships And Conservatorships

Many guardianship and conservatorship cases involve other family members stepping forward, objecting to the appointment while claiming that they are more suitable. After the appointment has been finalized, disputes can arise that may require the modification or termination of the conservatorship or guardianship.

Litigating these disputes does not always involve a trial. In fact, we want family members to work out their problems among themselves or through more formal mediation.
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